About Us

Contract Mortgage Processing

American Mortgage Processing Services (AMPS) is a back-office mortgage processing services provider. We specialize in Processing, Closing, Post-Closing and Quality Control of Residential Mortgage products. We provide a variable cost solution to all Mortgage Origination Entities, with a back office platform that reduces cost, increases turn times and closing rates and produces quality mortgage portfolios.

We accomplish this by processes and systems that are built upon proven models. Our staff consists of mortgage processing professionals who have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in all aspects of mortgages:

  • product and investor guidelines
  • processing, closing, post closing
  • quality control and regulatory requirements relating to mortgages.

Our Senior Management Team has a total of some 80 years experience in Mortgage Banking and Retail Banking. We know the business.

Our facilities house state-of-the-art hardware and software systems for optimum operating efficiencies. All of our processing takes place here in the United States. We employ skilled fellow Americans.


All of us here at AMPS welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss:

  • your particular contract mortgage processing needs
  • respond with solutions that support your business model
  • provide you and your clients with superior service.